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The bracing for my "standard" Torres-style guitars is based on that of the 1864 Torres FE19.  The top bracing employs an open harmonic bar permitting the two outer fan braces on both the bass and the treble sides to extend into the upper bout, coupling them with the soundhole reinforcement plate.  However, unlike the other models I build, the particular Torres plantilla, bracing, scale length, etc. that I use will vary in accordance with the particular Torres instrument (e.g., FE18, SE114, etc.) I am building.  For example, in the interests of historical accuracy, depending on the instrument I am building, the fan braces would be either gable-ended or rounded over.

Standard features* include:

● European spruce soundboard
● East Indian rosewood or figured maple back and sides
● Spanish cedar neck
● Ebony fretboard
● Hand-made replica rosette, coordinating purflings and tieblock inlay in Torres-styled patterns   
● 650mm scale and 50mm width at nut
● Gotoh, Rubner, Sloane or similar tuners

● French polish of shellac finish on entire instrument
● Hardshell case - Hiscox PROII

*Alternative materials (e.g. Brazilian rosewood, birdseye maple, Spanish cypress) and associated prices available per customer request.

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I have begun building a series of Torres instruments replicating as closely as possible the materials, designs, and dimensions used in the originals - e.g. Brazilian rosewood where possible and recreating the various decorative elements - rosettes, purfling, etc., using Brazilian rosewood veneers (as opposed to dyed woods) and bindings as used originally.  For certain of these instruments, because of their unique size, I build an appropriate wooden "coffin" case to fit.  Below are three examples of these type instruments - 1852 Torres; 1859 Torres (FE10A); 1864 Torres (FE18).


You can read about the building of my 1852 Torres replica in a series of blog posts in the 1852 Torres Project  in the News and Events tab. 

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"Liliana" - built 2019

This instrument is based on the 1884 Torres SE77.  This was built as part of my Torres replica initiative.  Actually it was inspired by my desire to build another coffin case, having made one for my 1852 Torres replica.  I wanted to find a suitable instrument that would fit into the same size case as I had previously built - hence, this very small, simple instrument from 1884.

For such a small instrument (lower bout width 11 1/8"), it has incredible volume, clarity, and sustain.  It is also featherlight, weighing in at a mere 2.0lbs.  The 12th fret action is currently set at 3.25mm and 3.13mm respectively (E6, E1) with plenty of saddle to adjust lower if desired. 

You can read about the building of this instrument...and case in a series of blog posts in the

Current Projects  section in the News and Events tab.

Torres small-bodied plantilla (SE77, SE117) with 5 fan braces 

  • 608mm scale - 50mm wide at nut

  • Master-grade European spruce soundboard

  • Spanish cypress back and sides

  • Brazilian rosewood bindings, headplate, bridge and backstrip 

  • Spanish cedar neck

  • Gabon ebony fingerboard with 18 frets

  • Handmade Torres replica rosette

  • Ebony friction tuning pegs with simulated ivory caps

  • Entire instrument is hand finished in French polish of shellac

  • Guitar will be shipped in its custom fitted pine "coffin case"

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“La Emperatriz” - built 2016 

This instrument is based on the 1884 Torres SE72.  This was built on the Romanillos plantilla which is nearly identical in size to the original instrument, but the lower bout ~ 5mm larger overall.


  • 1st Place - Design in Wood - Musical Instruments, San Diego Fair, 2016.  Honorable mention - Musical   instruments, Orange County Fair, 2016.  

  • Soundboard - European spruce

  • French polish of shellac finish on entire instrument

  • Back and Sides, headstock and bridge - Brazilian rosewood

  • Handmade replica rosette with MOP elements, purflings, and all other decorative inlays

  • Holly bindings (ivory on original)

  • Rubner premium Luxury Series satin nickel patina finish tuners with genuine MOP buttons

  • Hiscox PROII hardshell case

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“Elegia” - built 2018 

This instrument was built as my prototype of a new plantilla based on the 1859 Torres FE10a.  This is a fairly small-bodied instrument - 256mm upper bout, 208mm waist, 342mm lower bout, and 476mm body length.  Since the building of this instrument, I have modified the plantilla for future builds from the current shape which is a bit more "angular" (i.e., a bit more flat than curved on the bottom end) than I desired.  As such, I am offering this prototype as a "one off".


  • 650mm scale and 7 fan braces

  • Soundboard - European spruce

  • Back and Sides, headstock and bridge - Brazilian rosewood

  • Handmade replica rosette, purflings, and handcut MOP dumbell shapes on the bridge wings.

  • Real ivory (old piano key) tieblock overlay 

  • Ebony bindings

  • Rubner Artisan Series straight plate "Santos Inspired" tuners with roller bearings, ivory imitate buttons, rollers, and plate inlays.

  • French polish of shellac finish on entire instrument

  • Hiscox PROII hardshell case

"Cavatina" performed by David Adele on a Gourlay-built Torres guitar