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Making some guitar videos with Kayla and Michael

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

At the recent Orange County Classical Guitar Competition and Festival (March, 2019) I met two students from the Vanguard University classical guitar program, Kayla Harrell and Michael Cruz. I asked if they might be interested in making some recordings/videos with several of my guitars...and they were. So, on the Memorial Day evening they came over for a bbq and some guitar playing. We spent a couple of hours recording some videos - a fun night. Most everything you see and hear below are "first takes". Thank you, Kayla and Michael.

Kayla Harrell and Michael Cruz with a couple of Gourlay-built guitars.

Here are some of the videos we recorded. First, here is an excerpt of Michael performing Andrew York's "Yamour" on my most recent (but not yet quite completed) instrument - a replica of the 1867 Torres FE24, LA MADRUGADA - built with a torrefied European spruce top and torrefied birdseye maple back and sides. It is also fitted with a brass tornavoz, as is the original Torres.

This next video is Kayla playing JK Mertz' "Tarantella" on my Romanillos-style guitar, JACINTA. While the label of this guitar is dated 2015, it had been set aside (and forgotten) due to other projects and was only recently finished. It has a Western red cedar top and Cocobolo back and sides.

Next up, Michael playing Rodrigo's "En Los Trigales" on JACINTA

Kayla with an excerpt of Barrios' "Vals No. 3", on my "tiny Torres", LILIANA. A lot of volume, projection, and very nice trebles for such a small instrument!

Here is Michael playing my 2016 Torres SE72 replica, LA EMPERATRIZ, with Andrew York's "Sunburst" and it's introduction, "Jubilation". What a great piece - very nice job, Michael!!

Kayla with Antonio Lauro's "Vals Venezolano No. 1 (Tatiana)" on my 2015 Simplicio model, PASSIEG DE GRACIA.

Michael playing Antonio Ruiz-Pípo's "Canción y Danza" on PASSIEG DE GRACIA.

There are a couple more videos I have yet to upload - I'll try to get them shortly.


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