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January, 2013

I will be teaching a new classical guitar making class starting on Tuesday, January 15, 2013.  Space for one additional student is still available.  For more information about the course, please visit the Stringed Instrument Makers of Southern California (SIMSCal) website http://www.simscal.com/classes.html

November, 2012

¡Tapas, Vino y Guitarras! - I hosted a party at my house for my 2012 SIMSCal classical guitar building course students and their spouses.  We had lots of tapas and wine along with special guitar performances.  I enlisted the support of The Denali Guitar Duo (David Adele and Manny Uch) to perform for us on guitars built by the students in the course.  A fun evening for all!


April, 2013

This year’s guitarmaking class is well underway!

July, 2013

Several audio clips have been added to the site so you can hear several of my guitars available for sale.  I will be adding more clips for each instrument when I can get them recorded.  Currently on the site are sound clips for “Esperanza” (Romanillos-model) and “Simplicio” (Simplicio-model).

Later in the year I will be adding photos of some of the guitars built by my students (gotta wait ‘til they are all French polished!).

June, 2012

This year’s guitar making class…getting started in January and by June we see the fruits of their labors - the finished products (not yet French polished).  Many thanks to Mark Carver, my assistant instructor, for all of his help.  I couldn’t have done it without him.

August, 2013

The last of the audio clips of instruments currently available on my site has been recorded and uploaded.  Many thanks to David Adele for his superb recordings!  David is not only a friend, but an excellent classical guitarist, teacher, composer, arranger, and a former guitar building student of mine.  He is also the owner of my “Alma Llanera” Romanillos-style guitar which you can see and hear on several of his demo videos on the gigmasters.com website.  Check it and him out at http://www.gigmasters.com/ClassicalGuitar/DavidAdele/

David (and others?) will be performing at my annual party in October for this year’s guitarmaking class students.

November, 2013

Once again, at my annual party for my guitarmaking class students, we were treated to an evening of wonderful guitar music (performed on the student-made guitars) by duo partners David Adele and Manny Uch - both as individual soloists and as a duo.  And, once again, a lot of Spanish tapas and Spanish wine were consumed!  Another fun class party!!  Here are a few excerpts from the evening.

Manny performing “Recuerdos de la Alhambra” on a guitar built by student, Joseph Campbell.

David performing “Misionera” on a guitar built by student, Sheri Peterson.

David and Manny performing “Ballad for a Ballerina”, an original composition by Mandeda Uch, on two guitars built by me.

…and David performing “Milonga” on a guitar built by my assistant instructor, Mark Carver.

May, 2016

Almost finished with another year’s SIMSCal guitarmaking class.  A full class of six students - a lot of work for Mark and me, but a lot of fun, too!  They’ll all have the summer and fall to put on the final touches and finish and get ready for my annual guitarmaking class party.  I am looking forward to hearing some great guitars.  

November, 2015

My annual guitarmaking class party.  Photos and videos to forthcoming.

July, 2015

Took home a second place at the Del Mar Fair for my entry of “Uno y Ocho” and a first place and division award at the Orange County Fair for my entry of “Passieg de Gracia”.

June, 2015

Just completed another year’s guitar making course - a full class of six students, a couple of whom are repeat offenders!

August, 2016

My latest instrument, “La Emperatriz”, based on the 1883 Torres SE72, was awarded 1st Place, Musical Instruments, Design in Wood competition, at the San Diego County Fair, and Honorable mention at the Orange County Fair.  That breaks my winning streak at the OC Fair, but that is okay, as other people really stepped up their game and exhibited some beautiful instruments.  That is what is important.

“La Emperatriz”

June, 2016

We completed another successful year of SIMSCal guitarmaking classes earlier this month.  http://www.simscal.com/classes.html

October, 2016

“La Emperatriz” was featured in the Gallery section of the latest issue of Fine Woodworking magazine.